Below are the student ventures competing in the Fowler Global Social Innovation Challenge for the 2020 cohort. These teams hail from every continent and address all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Take a look at these student leaders and learn more about how they are changing the world for the better.




Representing the University of Texas at Austin, Arboretyx delivers untapped insights into the health of plants and resiliency of ecosystems by leveraging cutting-edge genomic and statistical techniques.

Winner of the Moonshot Award.



Be Bold

North Dakota State's Be Bold team is leading the charge in fostering and providing mentorship to children of disadvantaged backgrounds and allowing them to see the world through a different lens.   



Team BIOMILQ from Duke University has developed a way to produce breastmilk from mother-cultured cells to create a product with the nutrition of breastmilk but the practicality of infant formula that protects moms, babies, and the environment. Winner of the Women Innovator Award and the First Place Prize. 



A team representing CETYS has come up with a way to re-design the coffee life cycle to recover energy and replace charcoal. 

Bluegrass Biogas


Representing the University of St. Thomas, the BraillEazy team has created an innovative smartphone case that allows blind people to learn and use braille from the comfort of their palm. Winner of the Qualcomm Wireless Reach Impact Award and the Most Socially Innovative Award. 





IESA's (Venezuela) Clarity team has created an easy-to-access platform that will help people to geolocate and denounce their local problems such as the lack of electricity, water, and gas failures. The main idea is to provide a secure way to denounce, validate, and expose failures in local governments.




Hailing from the University of St. Thomas, We are a social venture looking to bridge the digital divide by utilizing a new, ground breaking technology called TV Whitespace. 

Design^3 (Design Cube)

Dr. Nanoxa

The S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research is represented by Dr. Nanoxa, which is an antimicrobial formulation developed to restrict microbial infections via Human - Surface - Human interactions.  Winner of the COVID Innovation Award.


E-Garbage Savings

Future Innovative Network (FIN)

FIN is a venture representing Thammasat University, School of Global Studies. FIN aims to bridge the relationships between corporate clients and youth through consultations and hostings of impact workshops.



Ewha Women's University is back with Hanguler. This innovative solution creates a decent job for the visually impaired by providing online Korean education on the phone. Winner of the Social Change Award.




This team of changemakers from Australian Catholic University has created ITZTIC HELADO NUTRIVO, which is a venture dedicated to fighting undernutrition in developing countries through icecream based nutritional supplement made out of superfood. 

Leather Heart


Masks for Health

Masks for Health, or Ethos Masks, come from a student team at UCSD. Ethos Masks are safe, comfortable, customizable, and reusable masks for reducing both transmissions of COVID-19 and PPE waste. Winner of the COVID Innovation Award.





One of our Latin American powerhouses, ReciclandoAndo is representing Universidad del Pacifico. This is a sustainable business model that addresses the mismanagement of resources, while it provides an extra income to Peruvian recyclers. 

Reco Boards


Hailing from the University of Minnesota, ShaqoSearch is a tailor-made job connection platform matching young adults to employers in Kismayo, Somalia.  


Smart Agriculture

Davis College Akilah Campus's Smart Agriculture team is working on delivering better farming skills to farmers through smart Agriculture tools such us App, USSD code, and notifications to boost their crop productivity.  

Sunlight U



TeachHope is a student venture from Rollins College that is a self-care subscription box that gives back and funds a mental health program in schools to provide hope for kids.  

Technology Teachers

Tegat Community Learning Center

Kennedy from Haverford College has created Tegat Community Learning Center, which is a set up that provides a safe comfortable space with books, computers, internet, mentors, and tutors for students. 




San Diego State's own till is a group of students who aim to reduce food waste and hunger by providing an opportunity for restaurants to sell surplus food. 


Trimaya Traditionals

Tuti Tech


Vibrance Biomedical

This University of Minnesota venture is a medical device organization dedicated to innovating simple, quick, and affordable early diabetes screening device for the underserved population.  

What About Sex?





A team of remarkable undergraduates, Xatalyze, is representing the University of San Diego. They have created an energy storage solution that accelerates the development and implementation of renewable energy. Winner of the New Product Award.

Center for Peace and Commerce

Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice 121

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