Below are a few examples of student-led social ventures that emerged from the Global Social Innovation program in recent years. Scroll down to see information about each of these social innovations and what each venture is up to now!

HOOLA ONE Logo.png


Hoola One technologies offer solutions to areas affected by microplastic pollution on beaches. These mobile beach cleaners collect micro and nano plastics. Hoola One has repeatedly been recognized as one of the green ideas of the year by La Presse, and they continue to innovate to change the world.



My Story is one of the University of San Diego’s most popular events, which features student storytelling and allows audiences to listen to diverse stories. My Story, now a nationwide social venture, was founded at USD as a student program by Charlotte Vitak('17) during her Sophomore year in 2014. Charlotte explored ways to build a more inclusive community with the My Story program


Imagine if you could make a delicious smoothie, magically remove the water, and save it in your pantry to drink in 2 years. Basically, The 2050 Smoothie is meal prep on steroids. Now you can enjoy a refreshing smoothie any time, and know that you are making the Earth as happy as your taste buds!



Juntas is a digital space designed for adolescents where you can find professional information on sexual education, solve doubts and share experiences in a safe and fun way.


MobieDock is the first sustainably powered eDocking solution for the shared micro-mobility market. Sleek stations declutter your city or campus while charging devices all day and night – all while harnessing the sun’s energy with zero emissions.



Aiko & Egor is an animated video series displaying simplified animation and engaging underwater characters so that children with autism and their family members can enjoy great educational content.