Round 1


Please confirm what is due for your university's Round 1; some universities have different requirements.

Student-led teams “apprentice with” a social or environmental issue of their choice, and produce a visual map/chart /infographic and a one-page executive summary of the issue that demonstrates their understanding of this issue.

Submission Requirements

Excellent submissions usually address a narrow enough issue to demonstrate thorough analysis and give deliberate thought to the specific community, customer, or client that will be the key beneficiary of the solution to be developed in Round 2.


A visual map, chart, or infographic that visually showcases a deep and nuanced understanding of the specific social or environmental issue studied by the student(s). This document should:

  • Cover the problem and its causes

  • Examine the current solution pool and players

  • Identify gaps in the current service provision

  • Highlight where opportunities for change may lie


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The icons above will take you to websites where you can use free templates to make a clean, easy-to-read infographic. 

Executive Summary

A one-page executive summary that explains the challenge. This summary should work as an aid to the visual map, and help the viewer interpret the main components:

  • The problem landscape with key stakeholders

  • The existing solutions landscape and current gaps

  • Opportunities and recommendations

Round 2 | Round 3



Please confirm what is due for your university's Round 2; some universities have different requirements.

All Global Finalists will be required to submit the following materials for Round 3. 

Student-led teams craft an innovative solution to their chosen problem or issue and demonstrate this proposed solution’s impact, feasibility, sustainability, scalability, or replicability, as well as its acceptability or desirability to the community or target population.

Submission Requirements

Long Pitch

10-minute pitch, delivered to a panel of judges by at least one member of the finalist team.

For Round 3, your advancement and seed funding allotment is based solely on your 10-minute pitch and your responses in the proceeding 15-minute question and answer portion with your assigned panel of judges. 


Finalists must also demonstrate well-defined next steps, a realistic implementation plan, and their team’s commitment to implementing the venture.

The links above BLAH BLAH

Short Pitch 

The 90-second pitch is your elevator pitch.

For Global Finalists, this 90-second pitch will be shared on this website for all audiences. If your team is selected as a shortlisted Global Finalists team, your 90-second pitch will be included in the live awards ceremony.

Finalists must also demonstrate well-defined next steps, a realistic implementation plan, and their team’s commitment to implementing the venture.

Pitch Deck

Your pitch should include an accompanying pitch deck.


The links above BLAH BLAH

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